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  • 2015-05-28

    If you would like to bring a souvenir from Münster for your loved ones, the city offers plenty of options. You can find all kinds of souvenirs in the shop “Münster Souvenirs”. It is located in the city center and you can buy, i.e., cups, shirts, bottle opener and postal cards with motifs of Münster or the typical Westphalian bread called “Pumpernickel”.

    However, I would recommend to buy something special. The Röstbar offers coffee roasted in their own coffee roastery in the region (the so-called Münsterland – the countryside around Münster). Here, you can buy coffee beans as a gift or you can try one of their extraordinary tasty coffees right before making a buying decision. If you don’t like coffee, there are two further regional products from Münster, the gin (Gin Luum) and the craft-beers (Gruthaus) of Münster. The Gin Luum is a tasty London dry gin with its origin in Münster (modern style of Kräuterschnaps). Gruthaus is producing several kinds of craft-beer. You can buy both, the gin and the craft-beers of Münster, at the Flaschenmeisterei located at the Germania Campus. After enjoying a hot (or not so hot, just as you desire) Currywurst at Currycult (see, you can combine your visit at the Germania Campus with buying some special souvenirs. And don’t forget to bring some fancy Umlauts from Germany, a “Ü” from Münster, an “Ö” from the Röstbar or an “Ä” from a Kräuterschnaps. Enjoy!

  • 2015-05-26

    Boring talks, too much coffee, too much beer, some time to discuss the next paper with your fellow co-authors? Don't just sit around, move a bit. Below you find a 25 minutes stroll along Aa, the small stream going through Münster. The path is quite hidden and passes behind houses in a Venice-like stile. The way back leads you along the promenade and through the bar and cocktail strip... Hope you won't get lost during your walk :-)

  • 2015-05-25

    If you would like to enjoy an ice cream by hopefully good weather in Münster, I can really recommend Raphaels Eismanufaktur. It is not directly located in the core of the city center. However, it is not far away only a few minutes by foot from the Prinzipalmarkt. Raphael Eismanufaktur scores with different compositions of ice creams. Milk and fruits are regional products and come from nearby farms. That makes a difference you can taste. In addition to classic ice creams, they offer some special ones like chocolate-ginger, Ahoy-Brause, caramel with fleur de sel, chocolate-cherry-brownie or asparagus sorbet.

  • 2015-05-24

    The Bier-Fest (“Beer-Party”) is taking place the first time in Münster this year. From 28th to 30th of May you can taste different beers on the Schlossplatz Münster in front of the castle of Münster, where the Committee of the conference wants to welcome you on Tuesday ( At the Bier-Fest they offer a wide variety of beers coming from all over the word. You can compare regional, national and international beers and craft-beers there. Whether sweet or tart, from near or far, light and sweet or strong ... there is something for everyone! Live music, good atmosphere and hopefully good weather make it an unforgettable event. The entrance is free!

  • 2015-05-23

    After a walk around the Aasee or a trip with a pedal boat ( I can advise the cafe Schöngemacht. Schöngemacht is a small and cozy café near to the Aasee. It is a perfect place to stop for coffee, cake and/or ice cream. They always offer a wide variety of self-made cakes to choose from. All cakes are extraordinary tasty. Besides the standard cakes, they also have gluten-free cakes. Especially, for the persons who have special dietary needs this is good to know. My favorite gluten-free cake is the Italian Chocolate Cake. Furthermore, they also offer vegan ice cream.

  • 2015-05-15

    It is late in the evening and you are stepping out of the conference venue – the Fürstenberg Haus – or walking across the city. But listen, what`s that? “Hoot”, “hoot”, “hoot”. It sounds like a horn of a ship, but the Aasee seems to be a little bit too small for such a sound.

    No, it is not a ship or a train or something like that. It is a more than 600 years old and still vital tradition of the watchman – or nowadays a watchwoman – in the tower of the church St. Lamberti. Since 1383 being a watchman or watchwomen is a stable and one of the highest located jobs in Münster. Even today it is one of the tasks of the watchwomen to keep an eye out for fires and to alert the citizens. In former decades the watchman also looks out for offenders, but, be sure, this time is over. Another and widely audible task is to provide the “hoot”- the sound you have heard. Every day from 9 p.m. to midnight, the watchwoman indicates that another 30 minutes are gone. With the help of an old horn, you have to hoot all 30 minutes three times in all four cardinal directions.    

    But note, doing this job you have to have no head for heights. Your workplace is on the pinnacle of the St. Lamberti church tower on a level of round about 75 meters. Here you will have a cosy sitting room, especially for cold and windy winter nights.

    Since 2014 the job is done by Martje Saljé – the first woman in the 600 years old history. Follow her interesting and funny stories about her job, the church tower and the Münster peoples on Facebook or her blog. Some of the stories are in English but, unfortunately, the most of them are in German. Or have a look at the nice photos from the top of Münster.

    PS: Sebastian (or Sette) is a former PhD student of the Department and now taking care of all the data the researchers of the University of Münster create. If you ever think about introducing a Current Research Information System at your University - go skiing with him ;-)

  • 2015-05-11

    If you are a friend of cozy pubs, friendly conversations with friends and strangers (friends you just haven’t met yet) alike, and if you are a fan of British real ales, local Münsteraner microbrews (like and craft beers from around the world, you owe it to yourself to spend an evening here! Food (sandwiches and soups) is basic but tasty - but the real treasures lie in the convivial atmosphere – helped along by 7 different beers on tap, at least thirty types of whisky and a huge selection of wine, bottled ciders and beers.

    Guests and staff are more than happy to speak English and help you relax in a classic Yorkshire atmosphere!

    PS: Martin is former member of the Department, Head of Consulting at the Department's spin-off and ERCIS Advisory Board Member "PICTURE GmbH", and a "regular" at the James.

  • 2015-05-01

    In addition to the numerous restaurants serving traditional Westphalian cuisine, Münster offers plenty of places where vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a delicious meal or snack. Although most restaurants serve at least one vegetarian dish, please check out the following vegetarian and vegan locations. I am sure that also meat eaters will get their money’s worth! J

    Krawummel, located in the city centre, is a vegan bistro offering hearty meals such as kebab menus, falafel, curries or salads as well as delicious desserts. All meals can be ordered as take-away. It is one of my favourite vegan places and even my carnivorous friends don’t miss a thing there.

    Rico Vollwertrestaurant, which is a small wholefood bistro in the old town, offers vegetarian and vegan lunch specials at an affordable price. You will find great vegetable gratins, salads, and rice stews there and can enjoy a tasty juice.

    The Garbo is co-located at Münster’s art-house cinema and serves both meat as well as a large variety of vegetarian and vegan food. You can enjoy everything from breakfast to small dishes and mezze to pasta to coffee and even wine and cocktails in this nice place.

    We also have several nice vegan (-friendly) cafés in Münster. Here are my two favourite ones:

    Please try the cosy Café Mamsell, which is situated in one of Münster’s most beautiful quarters: the “Kreuzviertel”. The majority of ingredients are fair trade products or come from local producers. You can enjoy a vegan (as well as non-vegan) breakfast, tarts and home-made soups.

    Café Birkenwald is a very lovely place where you can have various types of breakfasts (from vegan to meat), changing lunch offers and delicious desserts and cakes.

    These are just a few veggie highlights in our town. Restaurants such as the vegetarian Prütt-Café or Altes Gasthaus Lewe offer tasty vegetarian dishes, too. Enjoy your meal in Münster!

  • 2015-04-24

    Researchers – like you and I – sometimes seem to live a bit in the future, always imaging new things, having great visions. However, now and then it’s healthy to look back and discover the past. Münster offers great opportunities to discover and experience its versatile history. Simply take some time, grab a bike, and - as you are in Münster - cycle through the historic city center. I’m sure you’ll discover some well known places, like the Prinzipalmarkt or the cathedral (Münster has no Münster), but also less known, like the statue of Bernhard Overberg. You’ll definitely find some spots you enjoy. If your German is not too bad, watch out for the sings and you additionally will learn something new.

    Afterwards you might consider also visiting another, less known, historical site: The roughly 115 years old cavalry barrack “Von-Einem-Kaserne”. Today known as Leonardo-Campus and the home of the local IS researchers. We would be pleased to welcome you.

  • 2015-04-16

    On Wednesday May 27, you may ditch the conference program shortly to take a walk over Münster’s famous weekly market with a plethora of market stalls. It lasts from 7am until 2.30pm and is situated directly opposite of the conference location at the cathedral square (Domplatz). Take the opportunity to taste fresh and local products, such as fruit and vegetables from the Münsterland region.  You may also grab a traditional sausage (Pfefferbeisser) from one of the butchers. Afterwards, you will certainly “walk like a Westphalian”.

    Germany and the Netherlands have a long-lasting soccer rivalry. Basically the Dutch never won an important match against us (admittedly except 1988 but I can hardly remember). However, Dutch food is great. Many merchants sell fresh Dutch cheese (Surprise!) on the market. Don’t miss the two Dutch fish merchants and queue up to get one of the delicious "kibbeling". Or just step back and watch the crowds swarming through the market streets. More information can be found on the webpage (only German).

  • 2015-04-10

    When I first came to Münster to study, I used to live in a shared student apartment at the beautiful Aasee lake. I was surrounded by great people from all over the world. One of them was Lucas N. If there is something like a true Italian, it would be him. He was a manifestation of all Italian stereotypes you have ever heard of. Beside all the other skills (I do not want to go into the details here), he was a great cook and a keeper of many precious recipes from his homeland. Accordingly, his expectations when it came to food, and especially Italian food, were high. So high, they were quite impossible for him to meet during his stay in the City of Münster. So he never went to a restaurant… except one.

    Mocca d'or is an Italian food restaurant where you can get the best pizza in town. The one that even my Italian friend was more than satisfied with: thin, wide, colorful and extraordinary tasty. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city center and only few hundred meters away from the conference locations.  

    One more thing. The place is so authentic, there are even rumors that it is owned and run by Italian Mafia. But do not be scared. There are no smoking guns there, only big smoking stone ovens firing delicious pizzas that will make your conference day a perfect one!

  • 2015-04-02

    Besides the famous Currywurst (enjoy at Feuer Frei: the ½ grilled chicken with fries and a beer has emerged as a hallmark of the German cuisine during the last decades – at least in terms of what people REALLY like to eat.

    The best place in Muenster to have grilled chicken and a beer arguably is the Nordstern (“Northern Star”). Here you can enjoy the crispiest chicken and fries around, and the beer is cold enough to relieve you from a hot day at the conference. Good weather provided you can sit outside and watch the locals passing by: The Nordstern is located right in the middle of the Kreuzviertel, which is considered to be Muenster’s most scenic neighborhood.

    The neighborhood was named after the big cathedral which is right in the proximity of the restaurant. Anyways, you will not be able to avoid noting that Muenster is pretty packed with big and historic churches – after all, “Muenster” is an early German word that was derived from the Latin word monasterium (“monastery”).

    So meet your fellow researchers for a relaxed meal and beer there! After all, the Nordstern is in an easy walking distance from the main conference locations, not to mention the desirable proximity to your hotel….

  • 2015-03-26

    The Prütt-Café was founded in 1986 and is a pioneered restaurant for vegetarian and vegan food in Münster. All dishes are freshly-prepared from organic food without any additives – mainly from Fair Trade and regional products.

    Enjoy the variety of wholemeal pizza such as pizza Mafia, pizza Diavola or Provende as well as pancakes, soufflés, salads and desserts for reasonable prices. 

    You will find the Prütt easily behind the railway station in the Bremer Strasse 32. For reservations call: +49 251 66 35 77.

  • 2015-03-19

    The Cavete calls itself “Akademische Bieranstalt – Academic Beer Institution”. It is located in the vibrant bar and pub district “Kuhviertel” in Münsters old town claims to be the oldest student pub. It was founded 50 years ago by students who were frustrated with the very conservative bar culture at the time, which explains the name “Cavete” meaning “beware of Münster”. It is now one amongst many well-frequented bars and pubs in the “Kuhviertel” district which is quite popular, especially among students. Enjoy the rustic and original atmosphere with good food and drinks for reasonable prices. Beeing in the “Kreuzstraße”, you won’t have trouble finding it as it is not easily overlooked with its purple front.

  • 2015-03-12

    Münster is the recognized bicycle capital of Germany: according to statistics, there are almost twice as many bicycles as residents, namely 500,000! I have done a lot of travelling, but never experienced such an excellent infrastructure for bicycle drivers - more than 300 km of bicycle lanes permeate the city. You should try it, really! Experience shows that moving by bike in Münster is faster than by car or any public transport – no wonder that almost 40% of all journeys in the city are made by bicycle. The Promenade around Münster city center (known as the ‘bicycle highway’) is probably the easiest way to get around the city.

    Right beside Münster central train station (‘Hauptbahnhof’) you will find the biggest Bicycle Station in Germany with 3,500 parking lots for bicycles (called ‘Radstation’) – you just cannot and you should not miss it! :) It is opened every day until 11pm and there you can rent a bike for 8 Euro per day (it gets cheaper if rented for a longer time or by a large group of people). You can even book your bike online! Enjoy Münster and bicycle riding!

    P.S. In case you decide to stay a pedestrian in Münster, please be careful and NEVER cross red bicycle lanes :)

  • 2015-03-05

    Founded in the Middle Ages, the town Tecklenburg has a long and eventful history. Located on a hill next to the Teutoburg Forest, Tecklenburg was a suitable location for a castle which was actually built around 1250. Today, the ruins are used as stage for a well-known outdoor theatre. Tecklenburg consists of many traditional buildings which form the historic city center. Here, visitors can find comfortable cafes and enjoy fascinating views on neighboring towns and villages. At the foots of Tecklenburg, Haus Marck is located. It is the birthplace of Friedrich von Bodelschwingh which was a famous German theologian.

    Tecklenburg is worth visiting, especially for people who want to feel the spirit and treasures of days long gone by. You can reach Tecklenburg via train RB 66 from Münster to Osnabrück. Leave the train at Lengerich and use the bus R45 to go from Lengerich to Tecklenburg.

  • 2015-02-26

    If you spend time with the kids, I would recommend you take a stroll along the Promenade and visit some beautiful playgrounds. One of them is  the oldest playground in Münster, on the corner of Breul and Kanalstrasse, which is remained forever young. It is equipped with a variety of activities for all kids ages. These include various game combination, depending on a nest and double swing and a sand pit. All this is in large areas of sand. The children's favorite is a constructed specifically for this aircraft playground for all travelers dream. One more interesting thing here is the pacifier tree especially for small kids who give up their baby pacifier and donate them to the tree.

    After that you can stroll through the picturesque streets along the small river Aa and enjoy fine cuisine in the Cafe Lazzaretti opposite the Ueberwasserkirche (Spiekerhof 26,48143 Münster). For children, they offer delicious pizza, delicious desserts and more. If left power, we suggest you to visit the Muenster Zoo.

    The Zoo has a special attraction for horse-lovers, the Westphalian Horse Museum, and the Dolphinarium, your kids can enjoy pony ride and to see the dolphin show.

  • 2015-02-19

    The “Zoo Tour” is a famous pub crawl in order to systematize and explore Münster’s amazing and comprehensive night life. Walking and drinking are the two main tasks that have to be completed. The rules are very easy: for finishing the “Zoo Tour” successfully you will have to drink a beer in each bar that literally contains an animal within its name (full name or substring), such as:

    • Bullenkopp (bull)
    • Schwarzes Schaf (sheep)
    • Gorilla Bar (self-explanatory)
    • Haifischbar (shark)
    • Grille (cricket)
    • Zum Weißen Lamm (lamb)
    • Peacock Lounge (self-explanatory)
    • Butts Bierstube (halibut)
    • Alex Brasserie (common bream)
    • Der bunte Vogel (bird)
    • Elephant Lounge (self-explanatory)
    • Eule (owl)
    • Gaststätte Ziege (goat)
    • Rotkehlchen (redbreast)

    After each visit you snap a creative photo in front of the bar showing you impersonate the bar’s animal. At late hours, personal experience shows that photos are quite creative J

  • 2015-02-12

    My ECIS-day starts at Münster’s harbor district. Choose any restaurant on Hafenweg, or bring your own treats from the nearby “Bäcker Krimphove” on Hansaring 46-48. Seat yourself near the water, have breakfast and enjoy watching the world go by.

    Afterwards, switch into your running gear and enjoy Münster at a quick pace by jogging the Promenade like a true Münsteraner.

    The Promenade runs all around the city center, as it originates from Münster’s old fortification ring. Nowadays, it has become Münster’s main bicycle and jogger highway. If you fancy your ECIS-day less sporty, simply have your breakfast on a bench near the Schloss and watch city life literally run past.

    Finish your day in one of the many pubs on Kreuzstrasse and help yourself to a so-called “Höllentrunk” at “Himmel & Hölle” [ECIS committee assumes no liability].

  • 2015-02-05

    "Pohlmeyer" is one of the most well-known and most-valued bakeries in Münster. Founded in 1934, the family business is being run today in the third generation and looks back on 80 years of experience. The family still sets a high value on traditions. That's why all the products are made with love and passion following old recipes. The eye-catcher in the store is a woodstove, where all those tasty and traditional German breads and cakes are freshly baked – for all the guests to see! Take a short five-minute walk from the conference location and experience German baking tradition at its best! Allow yourself warm breads, a sandwich, a piece of cake or torte, snacks and of course all kinds of coffee and tea. Start the conference day by enjoying your breakfast here or take your coffee-break in this cozy café before starting another session!


  • 2015-01-29

    If the weather is nice, the Aasee is a nice place to spend your free time. Grab a boat and some beers and relax in the sun. But wait, don’t just grab any boat! If you can, get the white swan-shaped pedal boat. A few years ago, the Aasee was home to Petra, a wild black swan who became a minor celebrity after she had fallen head-over-heels with the swan-shaped boat. Not matter what was tried, Petra followed it along for the entire summer and was heartbroken when it had to be removed from the lake for the winter. The odd relationship lasted two years where the boat was even relocated to the nearby zoo so Petra had it around during the winter. Even though Petra now lives elsewhere and has found a real partner, keep a look out. You never now, she might return to her old love!

    Read more about it @spiegel:

  • 2015-01-22

    “Klute’s” is a historical country guesthouse and brewery in the surroundings of Münster. At Klute’s, you can taste different kinds of traditionally brewed beers and enjoy several culinary specialties of Westphalia. Besides its brewery running an original brew kettle from a brewery founded in 1352, Klute’s is also famous for its coffee house and its flowery beer garden.


    Klute´s Landgasthof Brauerei & Brennerei GmbH
    Poppenbeck 28
    48329 Havixbeck
    Tel.: +49 2507 98390
    Mobile: +49 152 23547361

  • 2015-01-08

    For those of you who like to eat spicy food, I would suggest trying out FeuerFrei, a fastfood bar in the beautiful district of Gievenbeck. Dirk, the owner of the fastfood bar, and his colleagues offer spicy Currywurst to customers who want it to be hot – very hot! Not only Currywurst, no, you can also get burgers, Schnitzel, fries, and a lot of other stuff there.

    You don’t like your Currywurst to be hot as hell? No problem! Dirk’s food is only spicy on demand, but also very tasty anyhow. Really! For the cracks of you: You also want your fries, burgers, and other shit on your plate to be hot as hell as well? Not a problem at all, just tell them and they throw a fistful of Hot Indian powder on your fries or put some dots of hot-as-hell sauce on your burger or whatever.

    Go to FeuerFrei! You’ll love it! I seem like a freak to you? Well, yes! But a very happy freak and I know what I like!


  • 2014-12-12

    If you get tired exploring the old city and need a break, I can advise you to visit ALEX BRASSERIE in Münster. The café is located directly on the Promenade (Salzstraße 35) - a green double-rowed lime tree avenue that wraps around the old town. If you are lucky you can get a place on the summer terrace and enjoy a nice view, while you are relaxing. I can recommend to take a cake and hot chocolate. They always have a wide variety of cakes to choose from, however, my favorite one is the blueberry cake. And if you order a big cup of hot chocolate, you will get really a BIG one!

  • 2014-12-04

    If you are in Germany you must try a typical German “Currywurst”. One of the best places to try one is located at the Germania Campus in Münster. In “Currycult” you can choose from a variety of great “Currywurst”-menus. After you enjoyed your Currywurst you can move to the other side of the fountain. Here you can remain for the rest of the evening in the cocktail bar “Tide”. The Tide has a good selection of the mainstream cocktails and furthermore special cocktails depending on the season. It is not only great because of the good cocktails but also because of the lounge atmosphere. Where else can you relax on comfortable sofas or on fatboys and enjoy your cocktail with your friends?

  • 2014-11-27

    Not far from Münster’s Prinzipalmarkt with its historic guildhall, the restaurant Maredo lies in the heart of the historic centre. For about 30 years now the restaurant offers all kinds of delicious and exquisite steaks: T-Bone-Steaks, rump steaks, schnitzel … everything the heart of a real steak-lover could wish for. The restaurant has special offers, too: You just arrived late in Münster, still suffering from a jet-lag? Maredo offers a Late-Night-Special for Münster’s revelers. From 10pm on you may order your favorite fillet steak with Papa Asadas or a fresh salad for only 15 € (but don’t be too late, the restaurant closes at 11pm). You just had a set of lectures, and colloquies and workshops in the afternoon waiting for you? Check out Maredo’s Lunch-Special from 11.30 am – 5.00 pm with light steaks or chicken dishes at 7 €. You may also order an extra plate for the fresh salad buffet to recharge your batteries! Enjoy your meal!

  • 2014-11-20

    You want to leave the city behind you and spend a day outside, experiencing the beautiful and diversified landscape near Münster and catch a glimpse of the famous Teutoburg Forest? Why not go hiking in Lengerich!

    This route called “Canyon Blick” (Canyon View) will set you on an 11 km long round hiking trail. During the about 33/4 long trip you can experience several spots with a splendid view and with good luck, you might even see the dome of Osnabrück in the north. The trail takes you through the forest, over meadows and past several farms before you arrive at a recultivated stone pit. Although you will get through about 356 m difference in attitude, you do not need to be equipped with hiking boots or walking sticks. You can stop for a bite to eat in Leeden or Lengerich, which can easily be reached from the trail. However, I can only recommend you to take some cheese, half-smoke and bread from the farmer’s market beside the dome of Münster in the morning and take a break on one of the benches beside the trail during your trip. The trail itself is perfectly signposted so that you do not need to be equipped with a map of trails. You just have to follow the signs labelled as “Canyon Blick”.

    For reaching the small graveyard chapel, which is the starting point of the tour, you can take the train from Münster Central Station to Lengerich (takes about 20 minutes). From the station in Lengerich you take the bus R45 towards “Ibbenbüren Busbahnhof” and exit the bus after about 6 minutes at the stop “Feuerwehrhaus” (fire station). Here you follow the signs labelled “Teutoschleife Zuweg” that bring you directly to the round hiking trail (about 15 minutes). As an alternative, you can also directly take the Bus R51, which starts at the bus station platform in front of Münster’s central station and brings you directly to the fire station in Lengerich (last stop) in about 70 minutes. The frequency for both means of travel is once per hour. You should check for the latest returning date when you leave the bus at the fire station in Lengerich.

    Further information about the trip (including a printable map and the GPS track) can be found here: (unfortunately only in German; you might want to try google translate).

  • 2014-11-13

    The famous “Altes Gasthaus Leve” was established more than 400 years ago in 1607 and is undoubtedly a classic. In the restaurant you can enjoy traditional German and especially Westphalian cuisine in a cosy atmosphere thanks to a wood-burning stove. You can order different sorts of beers taken from the barrel brewed by off-mainstream breweries such as the local Pinkus-Müller brewery. In case you decide to stop by, make sure to try out the light-colored Pinkus Altbier.

    It is recommended to book a table either online or by telephone!

    Restaurant „Altes Gasthaus Leve“
    Alter Steinweg 37
    48143 Münster
    Telephone: +49 (0)251 45595


  • 2014-11-06

    Explore Münster while Geocaching. No matter if you are walking around the inner city on the famous promenade on „Promenadenmischung Münster“ ( or if you want to explore the botanical gardens ( All over the city dozens of treasures are waiting for you to be found.

    You have no idea what geocaching is all about? Watch this video:

  • 2014-10-30

    What would you want to do after a long and interesting conference day to regain some energy for the next ECIS 2015 day? Right, you probably would want to relax on a sunlounger, dangle your feet in the sand warmed all day long by the sun, listen to the sound of the water floating nearby and perhaps casually enjoy a classy cocktail. Unfortunately, as Münster is not the most coastal city, there is no way you could end your ECIS 2015 day like this… Or is there? In fact, at the Coconut Beach you can enjoy all of what was mentioned above. Every year, from the 1st of May, there is a huge beach-like area built in front of a well-known Münster restaurant and club – the Heaven, which is situated at Münster’s port. Actually, you could enjoy a fine meal at the restaurant and afterwards go outside to “the beach” to recover from the day and enjoy a few drinks with people from the IS community. So get your beach experience in Münster at the Coconut Beach as you like!

  • 2014-10-23

    Public toilets are often a place to avoid. From the outside, those at Münster's Domplatz seem to be no different. Have a look at the first picture below this text. Would you go down these stairs voluntarily? Probably not. There is likely a bunch of drug addicts lurking in the dark who call this place home, and god knows what kinds of body liquids they've spilled to mark their territory. However, what looks like an eldritch dungeon long forgotten by the world is actually the most pompous and pretentious public toilet you will ever see. Originally built in the 1950s, it's been renovated in 2007 by the artist Hans-Peter Feldmann as part of the art project "skulptur projekte münster 07". Now, you will find top-notch ceramics, large pictures of beautiful flowers, and a diversified color scheme, all carefully composed to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Hell, there is even a chandelier hanging from the ceiling! Münster's most luxurious latrine opens its doors usually from 8am to 8pm and a friendly lady keeps the place nice and clean for you. "What's the charge?", you might ask. Well, it's for free! Nevertheless, the cleaning lady appreciates a small donation. If you attend ECIS 2015, make sure you don't miss out on this hidden gem of Münster's small but vibrant art scene, even if you don't have to heed nature's call. Find more info here:

  • 2014-10-16

    The Restaurant & Café “Zum Himmelreich“ already exists for 150 years and constitutes a combination of tradition and modernity. The special feature of this restaurant is the proximity to the Aasee and its unique ambience. If the weather is fine the beer garden can accommodate 500 people. There you have a direct view on the Aasee. In case of bad weather the winter garden offers the same view. The food is a mixture of modern westphalian and mediterranean cuisine. You can contact the restaurant by phone (+49251/80437) or online at It is 10 minutes by foot from the inner-city. Free parking is possible at the central cemetery.

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