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The James: The finest (and only) English pub in the heart of Münster

Our hidden treasure from Monday, May 11, 2015 suggested by Martin Instinsky. Martin Instinsky

If you are a friend of cozy pubs, friendly conversations with friends and strangers (friends you just haven’t met yet) alike, and if you are a fan of British real ales, local Münsteraner microbrews (like and craft beers from around the world, you owe it to yourself to spend an evening here! Food (sandwiches and soups) is basic but tasty - but the real treasures lie in the convivial atmosphere – helped along by 7 different beers on tap, at least thirty types of whisky and a huge selection of wine, bottled ciders and beers.

Guests and staff are more than happy to speak English and help you relax in a classic Yorkshire atmosphere!

PS: Martin is former member of the Department, Head of Consulting at the Department's spin-off and ERCIS Advisory Board Member "PICTURE GmbH", and a "regular" at the James.

Show me, show me, show me!!!

The exterior - Photo courtesy of The James The bar - Photo courtesy of The James The interior - Photo courtesy of The James

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