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Schöngemacht: Get gluten-free cake and vegan ice cream

Our hidden treasure from Saturday, May 23, 2015 suggested by Ann-Kristin Cordes. Ann-Kristin Cordes

After a walk around the Aasee or a trip with a pedal boat ( I can advise the cafe Schöngemacht. Schöngemacht is a small and cozy café near to the Aasee. It is a perfect place to stop for coffee, cake and/or ice cream. They always offer a wide variety of self-made cakes to choose from. All cakes are extraordinary tasty. Besides the standard cakes, they also have gluten-free cakes. Especially, for the persons who have special dietary needs this is good to know. My favorite gluten-free cake is the Italian Chocolate Cake. Furthermore, they also offer vegan ice cream.

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Café Schöngemacht

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