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Guidelines for presentations

At ECIS 2015, we have four types of contributions: Completed Research Papers, Teaching Cases, Research-In-Progress Papers, and Prototypes. The Completed Research Papers and the Teaching Cases will be presented as papers in the presentation sessions of the conference. Research-In-Progress Papers and Prototypes will be presented in a Poster Session. Below you will find instructions for both types of presentations, including guidelines for session chairs.

Paper presentation guidelines (Complete Research Papers, Teaching Cases)

Each regular paper session scheduled at ECIS 2015 includes 3 or 4 paper presentations and 1 session chair. Each paper session room is equipped with a computer, a monitor, and a data projector.

Session Chair

As the chair of the session, it is your responsibility, prior to the start of the presentations, to check that the speakers are in the room and that they uploaded their presentations to the computer. Taking care of this will ensure smooth transitions between the presentations. When you are ready to start the session, you will make the audience feel welcome, introduce the session and explain how it will unfold. During the session, you will quickly introduce each speaker, facilitate discussion, and ensure that time limits are strictly adhered to (i.e. time keeping). Sessions should start on time, with each paper being allowed 30 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions and transition to the next presenter. Each author will have approximately 18 minutes for the actual presentation. Finally, it is the responsibility of the session chair to call the session to a close.

Each session room will have time cards for the chair to indicate the remaining minutes (5, 1, and 0) for each presenter. If any problems should appear during the session, there will be a dedicated ECIS 2015 volunteer each of the rooms for assistance.

Presenting Authors

Presenters should come to the room during the break before the session so that the presentation can be loaded to the computer in the room. There will be volunteers in the rooms available to assist the presenters in uploading their presentations. Furthermore, presenters should meet their session chair before the session so he/she will know who you are.

Given the time limits for each paper presentation, presenting authors should have no more than 10 to 12 slides. Slides should have large font sizes. The computers will run on Microsoft Windows and will have Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 as well as Adobe Acrobat pre-installed. We cannot guarantee that slides, which are prepared in a different format than PowerPoint, will work on the computers available in the rooms. The slides should have a limited amount of large text. That stimulates the audience members’ thinking about the research question, the unique aspects of the author's work, the key contributions, and the most interesting results or implications.

Finally, we ask each author to practice the presentation at least once beforehand, keeping in mind that thinking through a presentation is very different from speaking it out loud. A few practice sessions will ensure that the authors make a lively, focused presentation. It will avoid the stressful experience of rushing from the mid-point of their presentation to the end if time runs out.

Poster presentation guidelines (Research-in-Progress Papers, Prototypes)

The Poster Session, which will take place on Wednesday, May 27th, 17:00 - 19:00, in the foyer of the conference venue. As this is a rather late time slot, the poster session will be accompanied by an after-work cocktail, also available in the foyer of the conference venue.

Presenting Authors

Every Research-in-Progress paper will have a poster board with a size of 140 cm (h) x 99 cm (w). Thus, we suggest the format DIN A0 for a poster (roughly 120 cm x 85 cm). Every prototype presenter will be provided with a Computer incl. mouse, keyboard, monitor. Those will be made available on tables. The boards for the posters and the tables for the prototypes will be set up during the coffee break at 16:00 on Wednesday the 27th. They will be removed at 19:30 the same day. Presenters are requested to mount their poster to the board or set up their prototype before the start of the Poster Session. Each poster will be assigned a number, which can be found in the program booklet, and corresponds to a numbered poster board.

The authors are responsible for producing the posters themselves and authors should be present during the Poster Presentations. If one author represents the entire team, that person should be capable of answering any questions concerning the poster. Please note that a poster is NOT just a copy of your paper. You should design an attractive poster that presents the highlights of your research. Hence, you should keep the amount of text limited and use a large font size for readability. The authors are responsible for producing the posters themselves and authors should be present during the Poster Presentations. If one author represents the entire team, that person should be capable of answering any questions concerning the poster.


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