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Call for workshops

The European Conferences on Information Systems (ECIS) increasingly attract co-located workshops on the topics related to Information Systems. Continuing this trend, the ECIS 2015 in Münster aims to feature a number of co-located workshops. We invite the IS community to propose Pre-ECIS workshops to be held prior to the ECIS conference. The Conference will be held from Tuesday 26th (Welcome Reception) until Friday 29th May, 2015. Full-day or half-day workshops can be scheduled on the 26th May, 2015. The number of workshops may be limited due to space limitations. You are invited to submit a workshop proposal by 10th October, 2014 to the Workshop Chairs.

Please submit an informal email describing briefly the theme of the workshop. The idea is to give early feedback to proposers about similar workshop proposals and enable them to consider merger potential ahead of time. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or raise issues.

You are invited to submit a workshop proposal (up to 2,000 words) for further evaluation by 10th October, 2014.

Please remember to specify in your proposal:

  • Workshop title
  • Main contact details
  • Workshop organisers (including contact details)
  • Workshop theme
  • Workshop format (including duration)
  • Suitability to ECIS audience
  • Program committee members (initial list)
  • Plan for publications (e.g. a journal special issue)
  • Target audience and expected attendance (historical data may help here)
  • Planned acceptance rate (if applicable)
  • Workshop schedule (deadlines etc.)
  • Special equipment needed (a projector and a screen + flipcharts will be available)
  • Prior experience of the proposers in workshops organisation

Decisions to accept/reject workshop proposals will be made by the Workshops Chairs in consultation with the Conference and Program Chairs. Evaluation criteria include overall quality and compatibility with the ECIS 2015 program as well as venue capacity. Note that proposals are especially encouraged on emerging topics and should not already be covered by the conference tracks. Tutorials on teaching, research (methods and tools) and academic careers are also welcome. You will be supported in organising rooms and technology, and will provided with catering at a fixed cost per participant.

The organisers of accepted workshops will be responsible for the reviewing process and publicity (e.g. website and call for papers). They will be required to cooperate closely with the Workshops Chairs and the ECIS 2015 local organisers to finalise all organisational details. Workshop attendees must pay the ECIS 2015 workshop registration fee. If workshop attendees would also like to attend the main conference, they must also pay the conference registration fee. Workshop registrations and payments will be made via the Conference registration system, and payments to the facilities will thus be taken care of by the local ECIS organisers. In particular, local organisers may require that all workshops adhere to specific requirements regarding the general timetable, registration and catering.

Workshop organisers must inform the Workshop Chairs of the numbers of submissions and acceptances as these numbers become available. Workshops may be cancelled owing to lack of submissions or registrations at the early registration deadline. Please note that the duration of the workshop might be adjusted based on the number of submissions received. Only accepted workshops are official ECIS 2015 workshops and enjoy support from the organising committee. Please send your intention to submit a proposal for a Pre-ECIS workshop by the 10th of October, 2014.

Further deadlines:

  • November 7th, 2014: notification of acceptance of proposals and start of detailed discussions of workshop requirements and possibilities
  • November 21st, 2014: final decisions based on the venue space limitations. Workshop organisers can start sending out the CFP

Our Workshop Chairs are:

  • Katerina Pramatari (Athens University of Economics and Business - AUEB, Greece)
  • Remko Helms (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

Please submit your proposal to, which will reach both Workshop Chairs.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

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