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If ECIS was a Soccer Tournament

If ECIS was a Soccer Tournament

Mon, 2015-05-11 20:04

So we were sitting there and thinking about the obvious question: "Imagine ECIS was a soccer tournament... What would it be like?" Here's our best of. Give us yours, we will add it! Send an email to!



Before the game

  • The presentation rooms will not fill up from the back but the front row (and the best seats are directly beside the stage).
  • There would be a lucky loser round for the best-rejected papers.
  • At the beginning of a session, the audience would stand up for the national anthems of the presenters.

During the game

  • The Session Chair would clap your bum before substituting you for the next speaker.
  • Your name would be chanted by the audience when entering the pitch.
  • Signing another researchers’ name badge or shirt with a marker would not be seen as improper behavior.
  • Wearing shin guards and cleats on stage is an essential part of the dress code.
  • If you do not know how to continue during your presentation, you could always drop to the floor to get a massage, or receive some cooling spray (might also help against sweat ;-))
  • A live commentator’s dramatic voice accompanies the slide with conclusion.
  • If someone unfairly disturbed you during your talk, you would be awarded a free “naughty question” during his or her talk
  • Jumping on the stage would be tolerated to avoid dangerous sliding tackles (i.e. nasty questions) of the audience.
  • Cheering and waves during the presentation would be allowed.
  • The Session Chair would hold up yellow and red cards instead of the 2 minute and "finish your sentence"-card (in fact, we will provide this kind of cards J)
  • You could call the doctor or a substitution if your PowerPoint hangs.
  • Too much text on slides would be punished by a yellow card.
  • Some people would stand during your presentation although free seats would be available. These people would also claim “that only standing guarantees full emotional support of your presentation”.
  • The audience will provide you with creative support during your presentation.

After the game

  • You will be awarded a “best of slow-motion video” after you presentation.
  • After an excellent presentation, you would throw your shirt into the audience.
  • If your presentation was bad, it might get your superior fired because he or she did not coach you well enough (remember: it is more expensive to exchange the whole team than the coach).
  • You would get some funny celebrations with your co-authors after a successful talk...

During the awards show

  • Everybody would applause if you poured a big glass of Weizenbier over the heads of the Best Paper Award winners.
  • Partying your best paper award with a beer shower is streamed to the big screens in all conference rooms.
  • Running around holding your best paper award over the head during the conference dinner, and shouting the name of your University would be met with cheers.
  • Best papers are awarded a travelling trophy including the names of the previous winners on the stand.

What comes to your mind?

  • Space reserved for you... Come on, be creative!

About the author: Sebastian Bräuer

Sebastian Bräuer

Sebastian Bräuer works as a research assistant at the European Research Center of Information Systems in Münster. Born in Hamm (near Dortmund) he is looking forward to see his team at the DFB Cup soccer final in Berlin (unfortunately only from the couch). In his free time he likes to play soccer (e.g., for ZSK ERCIS), and he likes to take pictures, tons of pictures. So most time during the ECIS, he will most likely hide behind his lenses.

If you would like to know more about the author, check out the author's website.

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